YAMJ File & Folder Naming Rules

I have been using YAMJ (Yet Another Movie Jukebox) with a Popcorn A200 for some time now as alternative to an HTPC and Windows Media Centre. On the whole the experience has been pretty positive and I wanted to share some of the tools & tips that have made the project easier.

Managing your Media Library requires your folders and files to be name correctly, following a number of slightly different formats.

I have had a lot of success using the exact Movie or TV Series Titles as shown in IMDB or TheTVDB.com with ‘.’ (period) separating the words rather than spaces, followed by the year in brackets. The use of the period is not essential but I have found a couple of occasions where it seems to work better than leaving a space so I use it by default now.

Example 1 – BluRay Folder Structure:



For titles with more than one episode or series, use the Series and Episode Suffix as shown below.

Example 2 – File name:


To keep the Movie Wall tidy I like to place Box Sets and Series all together under one ‘Title’. To achieve this you can use the ‘Set’ naming structure.

Example 3 – Box Sets & Series organisation

[SET Star Wars-1].Star.Wars.The.Phantom.Menace

[SET Star Wars-2].Star.Wars.Attack.of.the.Clones

[SET Star Wars-3].Star.Wars.Revenge.of.the.Sith

[SET Star Wars-4].Star.Wars.A.New.Hope

[SET Star Wars-5].Star.Wars.The.Empire.Strikes.Back

[SET Star Wars-6].Star.Wars.Return.Of.The.Jedi

You can also create your own sets based on whatever criteria you like. I have two additional sets to keep the Movie Wall clear of titles usually only watched by my children.

If you want to specify the Cover Artwork used by the custom Set simply add a PNG or JPG to the first folder in your set, naming it the same as the first folder/file.

Example 4 – Custom Sets

[SET 0-Kids] Megamind.(2010)

[SET 0-Kids] The.Sorcerers.Apprentice.(2010)

[SET 0-Kids] Prince.of.Persia.The.Sands.of.Time.(2010)

[SET 0-Kids] Tangled.(2010)


The ‘0-‘ prefix to the Set title of ‘Kids’ is just to make sure it appears at the begining of the Movie Wall so they can find it quickly. I haven’t yet  looked at how to hide the ‘0-‘ from view when the titles are displayed on the movie wall but I am sure I can use some CSS to hide them if need be.

Example 5 – Custom Box Set Artwork

So for: [SET Star Wars-1].Star.Wars.The.Phantom.Menace

Use: ‘Set_Star Wars_1.jpg’ to create the cover artwork for the main Movie Wall cover. Within this set the normal title specific Cover art will be used.

There are always some annoying titles that just won’t display the correct information, no matter what you try, for these you are best off creating a ‘.nfo’ file. Use notepad to create a text file and paste into it the URL of the correct IMDB or theTVDB page for that title and name the file identically to the title folder or file. Finally change the suffix from ‘.txt’ to ‘.nfo’.

I am always experimenting on how to group or change the way Titles are organised in YAMJ. For Box sets or long TV series this can mean an awful lot of file and folder renaming to get the organisation you want. I found a great little utility called ‘Bulk Rename Utility’ that makes life really easy, allowing quick batch renaming and find and replace of words within file and folder names. I can’t tell you what a time saver this can be!

The free download can be found here: Bulk Rename Utility

For more detailed information about YAMJ File Naming and Folder Naming, check out these official YAMJ Wiki Pages:




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