My Home Cinema Kit 2011

As I have undergone quite a few system tweaks so far this year I thought it was about time I created a new page, rather than continue to edit the original one.

The biggest difference is probably my move from 7.1 back to 5.1 which has been something I have been considering for a while now but was really prompted by a recent change to my seating position. I realised after extensive measurement tests with Room EQ Wizard that the ‘centre’ seat of the sofa which the wole system was more or less designer around, simply wasn’t the best spot for bass. As bass can cloud a massive frequency range it really makes sense to have this as the priority when setting up your system and mine is no exception.

So the bestb spot in my room is actually a couple of feet to the left of where I had been sitting and as the rear surrounds sat within a shelf directly above that spot, the new seating position meant they were both over my right shoulder and the rear surrounds started to become a distraction and that meant they had to go.

The also meant I could lose a power amp from my rack too so I can now scratch off the M&K Xeno 36s and the Rotel RMB 1565.

Having a bit more space in the rack along with a new purchase (ADA XLR8-X Balanced Converter) meant a good excuse for my first real attempt at some OCD cable tidying!

The only real downside to this new configuration is that I don’t have enough AB Cinema channels to Bi-Amp the front three but in terms of surround sound, the loss of the Xenons was never going to be a big deal. With the sofa only a foot from the back wall and with excellent diffuse surround from the M&K Columns at the sides, I was never really convinced the Xenons were worth the cost, so I am happy in some ways to go back to this simpler setup.

The new setup now incorporates a balanced connection from the ADA Suite 7.1 to the AB Cinema Amps via the ADA XLR8-X Balanced converter. Do I need this with balanced interconnects of 1.5m? Probably not but any way to help maintain a clean signal is fine by me and the XLR8 was at a price I couldn’t pass up on.

I am using 7 channels balanced, biamping the front R&R (4), the centre (1) and the subwoofer (2), the L&R surrounds being the least critical run unbalanced.


  • Fujitsu P42XHA58EB Plasma

Audio / Video Sources

  • Squeezebox Duet Audio Streamer
  • Popcornhour A200 modified with Fanless Aluminium Case
  • Bluray HTPC with HDMI Bitstreaming
  • Amstrad Sky+ HD 1.5 TB
  • Nintendo Wii

Audio Processor


  • Beresford Caiman


  • AB Systems Cinema 6400 – 6 x 440W 8Ohms
    • Bi-Amping Front L, R
    • L&R Surrounds
  • AB Systems Cinema 3800 – 3 x 830W 8Ohms
    • Bi Amping Dual Drive DIY 136L Sealed Subwoofer
    • Centre Channel
  • Rotel RMB-1565 – 5 x 100W 8Ohms
  • Parasound Halo A52
  • Parasound Halo A23 x 3
  • Cinepro 2K6 Mk III
  • Arcam FMJ P7
  • Rotel RMB 1075



  • DIY  Acoustic Elegenace Dual Opposed AV15-X Driver Sealed 136L Subwoofer
  • DIY  Acoustic Elegenace AV15-X Driver Sealed 100L Subwoofer
  • DIY  Acoustic Elegenace AV15-X Driver Ported 210L Subwoofer
  • Reckhorn B-2 High Pass Filter
  • SVS PB13 Ultra
  • SVS PB12 Ultra

Cables & Interconnects

  • VanDamme Blue 4mm Speaker Cable
  • VanDamme Black 4mm Bi-Amp Speaker Cable
  • Mark Grant Balanced Interconnects
  • Mark Grant Analogue & Digital Cables

Universal Remotes

  • Nevo Q50
    • NevoConnect with RS232 Processor Control
    • Video Sensor
    • Voltage Sensor
  • Harmony 1001
  • Harmony 895

Room Equalisation Tools

  • SVS AS-EQ1 Subwoofer Equalizer
  • Room EQ Wizard
  • Behringer ECM8000 Calibrated Microphone
  • Behringer Mic Amp
  • Radioshack SPL Meter
  • Behringer Feedback Destroyer

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  1. How do you find the Nevo remote control? I looked at them before but was undecided about them and haven’t met anyone else who has actually used one.

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