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ADA HDSuite v4 ‘OCX Error’ Solution

The HD Suite setup software provided by ADA was designed for Windows XP and some users have encountered issues when trying to install on some versions of Windows 7.

The issue is caused by certain required .ocx files not being registered in some versions of Windows 7.

The following guide provided by ADA should help anyone experiencing these ‘OCX Errors’ when installing or running the HDSuite software.

This document provides instructions for registering Windows System 32 .ocx files so the current ADA PCOS programs (designed for Windows XP) can be installed properly on the Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

In order to use the following procedures properly you must have Administrator Rights on the PC you are … Read more

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ADA Suite 7.1 HD & ADA Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV RS232 Settings

If you wish to control you ADA Suite 7.1 HD or the ADA Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV via RS232, the following RS232 settings are known to work:

  • Baud Rate: 19200
  • Data Bits: 8
  • Parity: None
  • Stop Bits: 1
  • Flow Control: None
  • Format: Hex



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Simple Audio Roomplayer II Review – Pt1

This is a first look at the Simple Audio Roomplayer I Network HD Audio Streamer.

Simple Audio is a new UK based company who have just released a range of Streaming Audio Transport/Players and are set to follow up with a Standalone controller. The two products to hit the market early in February 2012 are the Roomplayer I and Roomplayer II, the main differences being the Roomplayer I has onboard amplification and the Roomplayer II does not.

The Roomplayers pricing at £599 & £499 respectively fits in quite nicely between established entry level music streaming products from Logitech Squeezebox & Sonos, and higher end products from the likes of Linn & Naim. The obvious advantages over Logitech and Sonos are … Read more

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Controlling ADA Processors via 2-Way RS232

I have had a few requests on how to connect and control ADA Audio Processors such as the Suite 7.1 HD or Cinema Rhapsody MkIV, so thought I would make a quick post explaining the two methods.

ISO-Cat II method

Using an ‘ADA ISO-CAT II ADA Bus to RS-232 I/O‘ is the most robust and ‘best’ method of communicating with the ADA Processor and is of course fully supported by your dealer. The down side of course is that you need to purchase an extra component and they are not cheap. On the plus side it does filter out any unwanted noise from computer based controllers.

Manual method

This method is more fiddly but is a lot cheaper. … Read more

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My Home Cinema Kit 2011

As I have undergone quite a few system tweaks so far this year I thought it was about time I created a new page, rather than continue to edit the original one.

The biggest difference is probably my move from 7.1 back to 5.1 which has been something I have been considering for a while now but was really prompted by a recent change to my seating position. I realised after extensive measurement tests with Room EQ Wizard that the ‘centre’ seat of the sofa which the wole system was more or less designer around, simply wasn’t the best spot for bass. As bass can cloud a massive frequency range it really makes sense to have this as the priority … Read more

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YAMJ File & Folder Naming Rules

I have been using YAMJ (Yet Another Movie Jukebox) with a Popcorn A200 for some time now as alternative to an HTPC and Windows Media Centre. On the whole the experience has been pretty positive and I wanted to share some of the tools & tips that have made the project easier.

Managing your Media Library requires your folders and files to be name correctly, following a number of slightly different formats.

I have had a lot of success using the exact Movie or TV Series Titles as shown in IMDB or with ‘.’ (period) separating the words rather than spaces, followed by the year in brackets. The use of the period is not essential but I have found … Read more

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Soundocity Spiked Speaker Outriggers

Soundocity Speaker Outrigger Review A cure for wobbly speakers?
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ADA Suite 7.1 HD AV Processor Review

ADA Suite 7.1 HD AV Processor Review Audio Design Associates Suite 7.1 HD, High End HDMI Audio Processor comes under scrutiny.
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SVS AS-EQ1 subwoofer EQ

SVS AS-EQ1 subwoofer EQ – from £649

Available from: Kent Home CinemaSubsonic Sounds
Manufacturer: SV Sound
Tested with: Onkyo TX-SR876, Cinepro 2K6, XTZ 99.36 & 99.26, M&K CS22, M&K LCR36 & SVS PB13Ultra

Introduction – What is Room Correction and why do I need it?

Room Correction technology such as Audyssey MultEQ XT has become almost a standard feature on mid range AV-Receivers and Processors, so why does SVS think we need a standalone unit to perform a similar task focusing only on the subwoofers in your system?

Anyone who has spent serious time integrating a subwoofer into a problematic room can probably answer that for you. Whilst most ‘on-board’ room correction applications can tame a lot of … Read more

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Blu-Ray HTPC Build No.1

I have tinkered with HTPCs in the past, using old PCs and misc software but never a dedicated machine from the ground up. The new HD formats and x264 encoding really prompted me to get on with it because for the first time my older CPUs were just not up to the task, it was time to start looking at spending some money.


The HTPC will be used for several purposes:

1. HD-DVD & Blu-ray HDD playback.
2. DVD & Movie files (.ts etc.)
3. Photo Library / Home Movies
4. Music server
5. Work/Office Backup storage

Design Factors

Listed below in order of priority.

1. Performance / PQ / SQ
2. Aesthetics
3. Very Quiet
4. Cool running… Read more

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