This blog is all about my personal journey with Audio Visual and Home Cinema.

I have been an AV enthusiast for over 20 years and like many Home Cinema systems fitted in a non-dedicated room such as a lounge, mine is full of compromises but the journey so far has been thoroughly enjoyable. My main focus has always been on the Audio side of things and this has been influenced somewhat by my own decision not to ‘ruin’ the room with a Projector installation, as I just don’t want to sacrifice the aesthetics of a room I really love.

I am sure the journey is far from over and through this blog hope to share my ups and downs and with luck, maybe help someone else along the way.

Thanks for reading!


Fujitsu P42XHA58EB Plasma, XTZ 99.26 Centre Speaker & XTZ  99.36 Floorstanding Speakers