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SVS AS-EQ1 subwoofer EQ

SVS AS-EQ1 subwoofer EQ – from £649

Available from: Kent Home CinemaSubsonic Sounds
Manufacturer: SV Sound
Tested with: Onkyo TX-SR876, Cinepro 2K6, XTZ 99.36 & 99.26, M&K CS22, M&K LCR36 & SVS PB13Ultra

Introduction – What is Room Correction and why do I need it?

Room Correction technology such as Audyssey MultEQ XT has become almost a standard feature on mid range AV-Receivers and Processors, so why does SVS think we need a standalone unit to perform a similar task focusing only on the subwoofers in your system?

Anyone who has spent serious time integrating a subwoofer into a problematic room can probably answer that for you. Whilst most ‘on-board’ room correction applications can tame a lot of … Read more

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